How to create my Adcode on TikTok?

Step 2: Authorize video for promotional use.
To select and authorize a video for promotional use, from the TikTok app:
  • Select a TikTok post to authorize.
  • Tap the three dots, then tap Ad settings.
  • Agree to Advertising Content Terms of Service and enable the Ad authorization toggle.
  • Generate a video code
After you authorized a video for promotional use, you will need to generate a video code to share with the advertiser and select the duration of that authorization. 
From the post’s Ad settings module:
  • Tap Generate Code, then select the authorization duration. Choose from: 7, 30, 60 or 365 days
  • Next, tap Copy Code to share the code with your HSE Hello Team contact. 
Source: TikTok

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